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Mediatrix Gains Accreditation with Skype for Business

November 22, 2017

Mediatrix enhanced VoIP gateways was given accreditation for Skype (News - Alert) for Business certification. Tests to allow this accreditation and certification were conducted by the Microsoft approved test lab, Wipro, from August 18, 2017 through October 11, 2017. All of the Mediatrix media gateways and VoIP adapter series are completely compatible with Skype for Business.

“Mediatrix products are suitable for either hybrid or pure IP networks, on-premise or hosted Skype for Business. Migrating to this high-powered communication platform with Mediatrix ensures mobility, teamwork, and customer engagement for enterprises seeking for more productivity and better outcomes,” shared Eric Beaudoin, product manager of Mediatrix gateways product line.

Wipro is a universally recognized testing standard, used for the Mediatrix Media Gateways testing, fueled by the Media5 Corporation (News - Alert). Mediatrix has proven to seamlessly and easily integrate with the Skype for Business deployments and is a cost efficient and reliable tool.

Added Shadab K. Subhan, Project Manager for qualification Services at Wipro (News - Alert): “The successful approval of the Wipro compatibility test with SfB endorses Media5 commitment towards robust and mature technology communications to the ITC global industry.   It is imperative for organizations to assure the use of proven interoperable OEM hardware when adapting Skype for Business, in order to avoid any detrimental impact on the service performance. We are happy to assist Media5 in its endeavors towards promoting a better way to make business communication worldwide through the successful completion of this test.”

More verification tests will be performed on future Media5 equipment as it arrives.

Edited by Maurice Nagle