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BeroNet Announces ALL-IP Training Program

November 03, 2017

Networks are changing in many significant ways. And newer networks often call for different skillsets. That’s why German company beroNet has introduced the ALL-IP training program.

The cloud-managed VoIP appliance and gateway provider says this training program will help administrators with traditional PBXs convert over to all IP solutions.

This is especially important now given Deutsche Telekom’s (News - Alert) plan to pull the plug on ISDN services in Germany next year. (Back in 2014, DT announced it had migrated Macedonia to all IP. And it said that it would do the same elsewhere in Europe over the next few years. DT isn’t the only carrier phasing out ISDN. BT (News - Alert) Wholesale has said it is phasing out ISDN as well.) That means many businesses will be adopting new communications solutions.

BeroNet’s ALL-IP training program will teach students how to install VoIP gateways. Graduates will have first-level support knowledge relative to beroNet VoIP gateways. And integrators who get this certification will be deemed qualified beroNet partners and will be noted as such on the company’s website.

These partners also will get rebates from beroNet distributors, free use of the beroNet cloud, use of the beroNet partner logo, a marketing materials kit, and an ALL-IP starter kit for 999 Euros. That kit includes two beroNet VoIP gateways, a SIP-to-SIP license, cables, and an on-demand support ticket.

As you probably know, the world has been moving to IP networking for several years now. While PSTN- and time division multiplexed-based networks and equipment still exist, they are increasingly being phased out in favor of newer, more dynamic, and cost-efficient offerings.

photo courtesy of Pixabay

As for the BeroNet VoIP Gateways, they allow users to:

• add SIP trunks to those gateways to manage failover and least cost routing configurations direct from the Gateways,

• connect incompatible SIP devices,

• keep external SIP communications secure,

• leverage the VoIP gateway to take advantage of Secure SIP and SRTP even if your IP PBX doesn’t support it,

• simplify advanced PBX configurations, and

• use regular expressions in the Gateway (News - Alert) to ensure that each device receives SIP information in the format it expects.

Edited by Mandi Nowitz