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netsapiens Users Now Know Who is Calling

September 29, 2017

I recall growing up with a rotary phone. No fancy interface, no touchscreen, no keys to push…just the rotary dial. Then answering machines, wireless phones and caller ID. I remember a time when you had to answer the phone to see who was calling this is far from the case today. A modern VoIP solution will offer caller information and more.

This week, Telo announced that netsapiens users now have full access to the CNAM (Caller ID name) service via the SNAPsolution platform. This marks a first for the netsapiens platform, and its users.

The premium OpenCNAM Plus service notes nearly 60 percent of international caller ID coverage, and almost 90 percent of caller name coverage in North America. This is higher than any OTT download you’ll find in the app store, spanning more than 200 countries and boasts pinpoint caller accuracy.

With an expanding portfolio and ecosystem, netsapiens touts mobile applications, hosted PBX (News - Alert), SIP trunking, call center features and more supported by the SNAPsoltuion software platform.

"For years Telo has recognized that more companies are providing their services globally using communication technologies in extremely innovative ways. This was the core driver behind our third generation version of OpenCNAM. Until that launch in 2015, there wasn't a carrier-grade global CNAM offering," said Telo COO Brent James. "Carriers worldwide are now turning to Telo in order to leverage OpenCNAM's Caller ID delivery and storage platform as a value-add for their communication service offerings. Our goal is to make OpenCNAM Plusavailable to carriers worldwide so their end-users can save time by talking to the people they want to talk to, build and use smarter systems, and deliver seamless communication experiences that their customers enjoy."

Software-based communications solutions are a key ingredient in the modern digital enterprise, empowering new levels of productivity and collaboration.

How is your business communicating?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz