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beroNet Illustrates VoIP Gateway Use Cases

June 21, 2017

VoIP gateways, which create bridges between legacy and IP-based technologies, have a wide variety of applications. And VoIP gateway company beroNet recently came out with an infographic that illustrates five of them.

Many businesses want to gain the cost benefits and flexibility of SIP trunking services. But they don’t want to have to replace all their on-premises gear to do so. In this case, companies can choose to deploy a beroNet VoIP gateway to connect their legacy PBX (News - Alert) with a SIP trunk, the company notes.

That’s helpful because SIP trunking provides a variety of attractive capabilities. It eliminates the need for separate data and voice connections, lowering costs in the process. Converging these two traffic types can also allow for new end user productivity. SIP trunking also can reduce long-distance charges. And it can eliminate costs from 800 numbers, since businesses that use SIP trunking can instead simply get local numbers in each city in which they do business.

Another example of where a VoIP gateway can be useful, beroNet explains, is in a soft migration to a full VoIP telecommunications system. In this case, having a VoIP gateway in place allows organizations to test their new VoIP system and implement it at their own pace, using a beroNet gateway to connect the VoIP system to their current legacy PBX until they’re ready to make the full transition.

Employing a beroNet VoIP gateway as a mini appliance running Asterisk (News - Alert) or ZeroConf PBX is yet another way to go. In this case, Asterisk or a ZeroConf PBX are installed directly on the beroNet gateway. This application of VoIP gateway technology addresses small office requirements.

In our always-on world, businesses and other organizations want to make sure their communications systems are always up and running. So many businesses have put business continuity and disaster recovery solutions in place. beroNet’s VoIP gateways can help with that as well by allowing for calls to be sent to analog, ISDN, or GSM connections in the event of an outage on their primary connection.

The beroNet VoIP gateway also can be employed to support a wide variety of other applications via application programming interfaces.

Edited by Alicia Young
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