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Latest VoIP Predictions Favor beroNet, USA VoIP Partnership

April 04, 2017

I think it’s safe to say that VoIP is no longer an up and coming technology. It’s here, it’s revolutionary and it shows no signs of going anywhere anytime soon. It’s easy to see why the technology became popular so quickly. VoIP gives businesses better technology that lowers operational costs and empowers employees to work wherever they want. It’s quickly becoming ubiquitous for business communications, and so far the reviews are unanimously positive.

That’s why it’s not very surprising that MarketIntelReports’ latest report, “Global VoIP Sales Market Report 2016,” states that the VoIP market is set to grow exponentially through the coming years. The report studies sales of VoIP in Global market, especially in the United States, China, Europe and Japan, and focuses on top players in these regions/countries. Based on the statistics, the report states that VoIP is primed to implement its long term plan of completely replacing the conventional phone system.

Companies looking to replace their phone systems spell great news for VoIP gateways. VoIP gateways are a great alternative for small and large businesses that want to replace their legacy systems, but don’t want to spend the money to do so. By using VoIP gateways, companies can easily form a bridge between their old technology and the new VoIP systems, effectively replacing their old systems without the added headache of an expensive bill.

More importantly, this report is a good omen for beroNet and USA VoIP. The two companies announced earlier this year at ITEXPO that they’re partnering to bring VoIP gateways to North America. According to the report, North America will continue to be a major early adopter of cutting-edge VoIP technologies from 2016-2021. That’s great news for beroNet and USA VoIP, and completely backs up Nacho Cabrera, CEO at USA VoIP, who indicated the increasing popularity of VoIP by saying, “beroNet has been frequently requested by many of our customers…” 

Cabrera continued to describe beroNet’s solution and the impact their partnership will have by saying, “Its new all-in-one gateways offer interesting benefits thanks to its wide range of possibilities: Server with 3cx/asterisk through internal virtual machine plus a Gateway (News - Alert). We are covering a gap with an agreement we expect to last for years.”

Based on this latest report, it looks like beroNet and USA VoIP’s plan to bring VoIP gateways to North America is going to be even more successful than they may have imagined.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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