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VoIP Gateway Transforms Skype for Business Experience

March 07, 2017

According to VoIP Supply, a VoIP gateway is, “a piece of hardware with the standard purpose of converting TDM telephony traffic from the PSTN into digital packets IP packets for transport over an IP network (such as your LAN). A VoIP gateway can also convert digital IP packets into TDM telephony traffic for transport across the PSTN (Publicly Switched Telephone Network).”

Essentially, VoIP gateways are bridges between classic telephony and new VoIP telephony. Put even more simply, it allows communication to occur from one form of technology to another. Too many people feel that they can’t invest in new technologies because they’ll have no way of using them without spending a ton of money to upgrade their entire system. This simply isn’t true.

One company that recently demonstrated how useful VoIP gateways can be is Deltapath, Inc. The company’s overall goal is to bridge the gap between different UC environments, and recently introduced its O365 Connector to help accomplish this mission. The O365 Connector is a VoIP gateway that is designed for organizations that have adopted Microsoft Office 365 and are seeking to access the full potential of Skype (News - Alert) for Business.

Many Microsoft Office 365 customers have been facing the same problem for quite some time now—they want to connect their business phone lines and systems to Skype for Business Online. Now, with the O365 Connector, Microsoft (News - Alert) Office 365 E1 and E3 subscribers can bridge their PSTN and PBX services to Skype for Business Online.

According to the announcement, this bridging capability “allows business calls to be channeled through legacy desk phones as well as Skype For Business clients, giving added convenience to answer and make business calls from anywhere at anytime as well as eliminating mobile voice roaming fees. Office 365 E5 Cloud PBX (News - Alert) subscribers can also utilize O365 Connector to grow their business with purpose-built applications like Contact Center.”

This is just one example of the benefits of VoIP gateways. Anyone who adopts the O365 Connector can have their existing telephone system running in parallel with the cloud without having to worry about connecting multiple telephone systems from multiple vendors to Microsoft Office 365. Any and all complexities that may have occurred are taken care of thanks to the power of VoIP gateways.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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