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VoIP Gateways Offer Myriad Benefits to Small Businesses

March 03, 2017

The benefits of VoIP technologies and solutions are gaining mainstream acceptance, and more than 80 percent of businesses plan to use VoIP technology in some capacity this year. VoIP is an exceptionally good fit for small businesses particularly, as it offers myriad features, flexibility and efficiencies at a low price point. Increased adoption of VoIP by small businesses is one of the main market motivators, propelling a rise in sales of software, solutions and essential hardware like VoIP gateways.

VoIP gateways are a particularly important component of technology adoption in small businesses, enabling legacy PSTN equipment and technology to work over IP. But even in scenarios where a business is using hosted or cloud-based VoIP services, a gateway is still an important and valuable piece of equipment, and should not be overlooked.

As previously stated, a VoIP gateway enables legacy analog phones and PBXs to work with IP-based equipment like IP PBXs and SIP trunks. Conversely, it also enables an IP PBX (News - Alert) to work with a PSTN connection, important for disaster recovery and availability even in the most advanced IP-based architectures.

VoIP gateways are also useful for least cost routing, an important feature for budget-conscious small businesses. At a minimum, this means specific calls are routed to a provider who will charge the least amount per minute for the call. And in a more complex scenario, calls to areas near a specific branch of a company are routed through a VoIP gateway at that site to keep costs down. A VoIP gateway can also act as a backup solution for a SIP trunk, an important contingency in the event of an outage or problem.

Speaking of backup and availability, VoIP gateways can also act as a backup solution when the primary communications system is a hosted IP PBX. By taking a few simple steps, small businesses can create a backup “survival PBX” using just a single VoIP gateway, enabling communications to remain up and running in the event of an outage. VoIP gateways can also remove some of the burden from busy IP PBX servers, handling tasks like codec translation to ease the load on the primary server processor.

Whether they opt for an all IP, hosted or hybrid solutions, small businesses are adopting VoIP technology at an astounding rate. VoIP gateways are an important component of all types of architectures, thanks to their versatility, flexibility and reliability.

Edited by Alicia Young
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