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TransNexus, TelcoBridges Continue Push on VoIP Fraud

February 21, 2017

VoIP fraud can cost businesses thousands of dollars, or even more, every year. It therefore becomes an important cost savings measure to protect against Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) fraud so as to save that money that would have been lost otherwise. TransNexus and TelcoBridges (News - Alert) have already been seen working in that direction before, and for wholesale carriers, it's about to get even easier.

Not so long ago, we heard about TransNexus and TelcoBridges' new efforts to find and prevent VoIP fraud, and now, these efforts are expanding. With the latest efforts, TransNexus (News - Alert) and TelcoBridges are producing some new capability in protecting systems. TelcoBridges is known in the field as a VoIP gateway producer, which gives it a hardware advantage, but TransNexus is known for its NexOSS system, an operations support system (OSS) that offers a variety of points that can be tremendously valuable in finding VoIP fraud before it can do the most damage.

NexOSS offers not only fraud detection tools, but also routing tools based on least-cost routing and quality of service routing principles. This not only helps prevent fraud, but also improves regular service as well. Since TransNexus' systems are interoperable with any VoIP system using session initiation protocol (SIP) as its base, it can readily be a part of any system. By incorporating it into TelcoBridges' systems, meanwhile, users get a ready-made all-in-one solution that not only prevents fraud but provides other useful services alongside it.

Stories abound about the sheer amount of losses that businesses can incur when it comes to VoIP fraud. From back in 2014, Foreman Seeley Fountain Architecture faced a phone bill of over $166,000 just from one weekend's worth of calls. This not only can potentially destroy a business—which in turn means business lost for the VoIP provider—but if the business survives, the outcome may be even worse for the carrier. An immense quantity of lost face is just the start of potential problems, as the business proceeds to tell everyone in shouting distance—which, given social media's reach, can be huge these days—about how the carrier wouldn't help fix a clear-cut case of fraud.

Fraud protection measures don't just protect the business using VoIP, but also the business that provides VoIP service. Whether it's a huge unexpected bill, a huge unexpected customer loss, or a huge unexpected social media backlash, VoIP fraud does a lot of damage all along the chain. So taking measures to protect against VoIP fraud is a generally smart idea.

Edited by Alicia Young