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AVOXI VoIP Gateways Mean Resort Savings

February 13, 2017

Improving the customer experience still remains one of the biggest issues a business can face, and for resort properties, this is actually even more crucial. Businesses that depend on repeat business must offer the best customer experience or risk losing business in the process. For Grace Bay Resorts, improving the customer experience meant turning to AVOXI, a communications as a service (CaaS) provider that brings Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) and other tools to its users, which should go a long way toward helping improve that customer experience.

The early results of the move to AVOXI's services have been downright exciting; Grace Bay's phone costs are down between 75 and 85 percent. AVOXI brought in not only a VoIP gateway, but also a complete cloud-based phone system, international toll-free number service, and virtual contact center systems. With the VoIP gateway and other systems in place, Grace Bay could offer its customers a whole new slate of services from automated greetings to caller ID systems. Best of all, call recording also stepped in, and we're all familiar with the value call recording can deliver.

Grace Bay's IT Manager Leo Lumacang noted, “I get surprised comments from guests. We can gladly tell them that free calling is part of the amenities we offer. It’s really added value.” Thanks to that VoIP gateway and cloud-based phone system, users get free calling to the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Since these are the places from which most of Grace Bay's guests originate, the value only increases.

It may seem hard to believe that so much value could be derived from a VoIP gateway and a slate of cloud-based services, but Grace Bay Resorts is displaying this value wonderfully. Huge cost cuts and added services—which in turn may be adding revenue via repeat business as Leo Lumacang noted—are all part of the package. This improves the chances that guests will return to Grace Bay Resorts, and considering how many alternatives there are out there in major tourist destinations, anything that improves the prospect of return business is well worth looking into.

VoIP gateways alone add only so much value; it's the additional services that VoIP gateways can provide that really let a business offer value. Just ask Grace Bay Resorts, which is enjoying cost cutting and a shot at improved profitability in the process.

Edited by Alicia Young
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